Hiding in Plain Sight

Everybody has something to hide, right? Sometimes it is merely something sensitive that shoudn’t be left for prying eyes to find. All of us have a few items or papers we would like to keep private; things that are quite moral, legitimate and legal. Sometimes it is cash you are going to take to the bank as soon as it opens after the weekend or holiday. Sometimes it is your mother’s last will and testament or the key to your sister’s cottage at the lake and sometimes…

But, whatever it is, there’s always the question of where to put it—either temporarily or more permanently. Enter the concept of hiding in plain sight! The same person who is attracted by a lock will ignore what appears to be ordinary. I suggest that you find a place that is so obvious that it will be overlooked by family members, friends, and the people looking at your house with the real estate lady as well as untold numbers of surprise visitors, plumbers, electricians, and, yes, especially by intruders.

Let’s face it. If somebody breaks into your home with the idea of stealing, they are going to trash the place until they find something worthwhile on their to get list. They are going to turn out all the pockets of your off-season clothes, dump desk and bureau drawers out on the floor, look under the table for something that might be held there by duct tape, check behind the pictures on the wall, check the toilet tank, look for plastic lettuce and hollow soda cans in the refrigerator and, of course, flip the mattresses. How do intruders know where to look? They have looked in those places before. They have had repeated success. Why? People are predictable.

Since burglars know all the good hiding places, you need a place that is better than good, a place that appears so boring and mundane that they won’t notice. Or, better yet, a place they think they have already looked.

It’s a very old idea from days gone by, but there is currently a resurgence of companies that offer new furniture with hidden compartments; clever hiding places that are built right into the furniture. If you’re worried that anything offered on the web is going to be known by everybody, take heart. There’s at least one outfit that custom designs and builds furniture with secret compartments so nobody but the person who orders them knows where they are. False Bottom Productions on shows a range of different pieces of furniture as thought starters but builds to suit each customer. The locations of the hidden compartments are not disclosed on the site, privacy of customers is protected and pricing is competitive with similar handcrafted furniture without hidden compartments.

But how do you tell if you have found a piece of furniture with a good hidden compartment rather than one with a compartment that can be easily found? First, it will look and function as a normal piece of furniture. Second, it will not employ design tricks such as fake drawer fronts to conceal the area devoted to the hidden compartment. Next, the hidden compartment will be surprisingly easy to access for those who know how while, at the same time, there will be little or no danger of anyone opening it accidentally. And finally, it will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Over time, the furniture will not separate unnaturally or wear and allow the hidden compartment to become obvious due to frequent use.

We’d all agree that there’s no such thing as a perfect hiding place, but hiding in plain sight where those looking to take what doesn’t belong to them think they have already looked certainly comes close.

Find Out How to Save On Home Improvement Costs!

More likely than not if you’re looking to tackle a home improvement project, you’re also looking for savings on the price-tag to that improvement. There are many ways to find improvement costs that you may not otherwise have considered. Of course you may be one of those lucky homeowners who doesn’t really care what you spend when it comes to improving your home, the fact is that most people have to find ways to save or else, to be honest, there will be no improvement.

There are some steps that you should take that will improve your odds of saving on your home improvement costs.

The first thing that you should do, instead of running out to the home improvement center – where hungry sales people are waiting for you is to create an itemized list which contains everything that you think you will need to do your project. What happens is without this list, your day at the store turns into a nightmare, where you walk around languidly shoving things in your cart that you probably won’t even need, spending money that you don’t have on useless items.

As well, this list should contain the approximate prices of what you think that these things will cost, also adding a set budget price that you cannot go over. This will help you not only create savings on your purchases, but will get your brain thinking in creative ways to save. You’ll be surprised how much a little creative thinking can save you when you check out.

Here’s a thought. Think about buying your items or at least some of them Online. Most of the home improvement centers have websites where you can buy your items, and have them delivered instead of spending an entire day in the store. Doing this can certainly help you save money by offering you discounts that you very often won’t find in the stores, as well as giving you the opportunity to shop around and compare prices easily. There’s almost always some sort of discount to the consumer who purchases online by the retailers, since they want to get people noticing their website, and create a word of mouth buzz for it.

You benefit from taking advantage of that.

Also, don’t forget about all those weekly flyers that get stuffed into your mailbox that you so often gripe about. Don’t be so quick to throw those out now. By looking over these sales circulars, you may be able to get a great deal on a product that you need to finish your home improvement project and do so in a way that reduces your total home improvement costs.

You don’t always have to go for the most expensive brands. In fact it’s almost insane to do so when the cheaper brands on the market today are almost always as good in quality, if not better sometimes.

Basically the best way to get some savings on your improvement costs is to become a savvy shopper, have some patience, and most importantly; plan ahead.

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Conducting a Background Check on a House

Most overly eager first time home buyers grab on the opportunity of owning a home. These first time home buyers are victims of their own ignorance. Their minds are so set on the home itself and also their qualifications of buying a home, that they don’t take the time to actually conduct a background check on a home.

Background check can be done not only on people but on homes too. The benefits of conducting a background check on a home you plan on purchasing are: Obtaining up to a 30 year history about the home, all previous owners of the home, all people living inside the home, and the amount the home was last sold for.

Not only do you get these details reports when you conduct a background check by address, you will also get a list of all sex offenders within your neighborhood, the demographic census within the city your new home is located in and much more.

So before you go and purchase a home, do some research and conduct a backgroun check of the address of the home you plan on purchasing? Don’t be stuck with a home that will only prove to be a problem in the future

Closet Organization – Use Your Space Wisely

Whether you live in a small apartment, or a spacious home, closet organization can be the key to using the space you have available in the most efficient way. For those people who have small closets, closet organization is especially important so you can fit the most storage in the tightest of places.

If you have a large, spacious closet, your closet organization can include many features that wouldn?t fit in a smaller space. You can have amenities like revolving shoe racks, full length three way mirrors to name just a few of the custom finishes you can utilize when you are planning your closet organization.

The easiest way to begin your closet organization is with a good plan. If you look online you can find lots of websites that can help you make your dream closet organization into a reality. You can find tips on the best materials to use and you can find many places where you can pay less than you would ever expect to when you are ready for some closet organization at your home.

When your closet organization is done right, your home can be more functional and convenient. Your mind will rest easier when closet organization includes a place for everything and everything in its place. The best way to achieve the right effect in closet organization is to layer, level or stack everything. This will enable you to make the most of space that is available no matter what the size of the closet you are dealing with.

You can easily find storage for seasonal clothing when closet organization is planned with that in mind. You can include drawers, shelves and even a place to store your shoes when you decide it is time for a closet organization project.

You don?t have to spend a lot of money for closet organization. There are some great products that are inexpensive, especially considering what a valuable addition they will be in your home. Closet organization can be a fun project. You may find things that you haven?t seen in years, and you can use the opportunity to clear out the old to make room for the new.

Building Your Own Home

Dirty Little Secrets the Build-It-Yourself Industry Won’t Tell You

The create-It-manually industry is a mounting sector of new home sales. Many people ardor the stillt of lower thousands of dollars by not hiring a createer.However,there are a few secrets the create-It-manually industry are not telltale latent DIY createers. As a createing Consultant and checker, I’ve set through numerous of these courses just to see what this sector is nearly on unsuspecting patrons.

Here are just a few stuff the create-It-manually companies whichever don’t tell you or are not achievely open and truthful about. You can get the same lowers from vendors just like createers do. I’d say this is one of the largest marketing ploys these companies use and it’s not sincere, at slightest not as far as truthful createers are anxious. You see, createers have a system of sub-contractors and vendors they use. These subcontractors and vendors give them enormous lowers if they keep with their companies.

These same vendors and sub-contractors are not available to give you the same lowers even still they tell the create-It-manually company they will. And how will you know if you’re certainly receiving that lower You won’t! You’re a one time shot where a createer is recap business for them. createers wrest you on everything, our slant of sub-contractors and vendors are the same one createers use Again, not fully sincere.

Many of the better createers have certain sub-contractors and vendors they will only use. These are the sub contractors that hurtle more for their work and do not work for just someone. Many of these capture of subs will not work for you or me because they do not know us and because they hurtle double as greatly as the sub on the BIY company slant. We hide all sub-contractors and vendors on our slant. Well, yeah, to an scope. You see, most of those sub-contractors and vendors have to pay to be on the favorite catalog of the BIY companies.

If you don’t pay, you crash the hideing treat. I’ve been on numerous of these slant and the only hideing I’m attentive of was my ability to pay their fees. You’ll be in achieve dominate of the building treat To some scope yes, but more than prone the answer is only as greatly as the subs want you to be. What they don’t tell you is that if you have a unruly with a sub not screening up or liability excluding than standard work, you’ve got to treaty with it. A eminence createer has the wrench to get stuff done where you don’t. It all goes back to the createer choosing eminence subs and those subs imperfect to keep the createer opportune to they’ll maintain to use their services.

Before jumping into the BIY tough, make clearly you know the real result. You may save a little bit of money or you may not. I assemble with patrons every week that have tried to build their own homes and hurriedly were overwhelmed by the treat or the sub contractors. It’s not as calm as it looks and more than prone it will outlay you more than what you originally budgeted for if not thorough.

Decorating for Renters – Part 1 Getting Started

When you are renting an distantment, you regularly feel like making cdroopes is not on the agenda. After all, you dont own the liberty so what can you do In this three part sequence, we will tutor you how to devise a spirited plan to bedeck to make your distantment feel like a home.

For every decorating forecast, large or small, the first tread is forever a stroll through. You must to get a dosage or a messagebook and stroll through the region you are judgment of decorating while next these five treads

catch for anxiety acne that will basis a glitch later; off heart architectural rudiments, periods, fichanges doors.

Look for something undying which would basis a glitch in arranging a scope or bountiful the outcome you want. Particularly in elder homes and distantments make a message of pipes, radiators, doorways that are bunged off, rough floors etc. In newer homes and distantments, builders regularly put clothes like roast ducts, cold air proceeds and thermostats just where you want to put a member of furniture or droop a picture. Make message of these.

catch for anxiety acne, clothes that bewilder a scope off heart, or ‘uglies.’ As a lodger you don’t have the options of a home owner to paint, draw distant, tear down or add to the undying gear in your home. So if you don’t like the looks of the draft or the flush of the carpet, write it down here.

assess down and gauge electrical, handset, or cable outlets for TVs and mainframes.

catch periods. Do they must to be enclosed for privacy or to keep out light Are the periods unusually high or too close to the floor Are they off heart, or in the core of a pile you must for furniture residency Now is the time to gauge periods. quantity the vastness from the pile and between periods, the actual range of the period, and most importantly how many inches there are from the floor to the ridge (or basis of period). Make a message on which periods gather sun and when.

Next you must to make a inhibitregister of the filling of the scope. influence how the scope will be used; single or multi resolve. In distantments and slighter houses you will regularly find you must to use the dining region for the mainframe or the bedscope as a boat region. Once you have your resolve you are organize to flinch your shopping register.

tilt and gauge the clothes you have that you will keep. If you are liability a floor to ceiling make over, you will must gaugements of members of furniture, as well as the extent and height of piles. If you have a digital camera, better yet. You can put the information into your mainframe. The films dont have to be accurate, they are just recall jogs.

tilt the clothes that are damaged out or wont work and which you will whichever eliminate or change with something moreover.

lastly register any purchases that must to be made with descriptions if required and ranges.

When you have done all this, look over your messages and take one last look at your scopes to make trusty you havent missed something which could basis a main glitch.

Now for some fun! Go through decorating magazines and books. Perhaps you have saved some films of scopes you fondness. Take a light look at them. Perhaps there are clothes in these films which can be used to get the look you want. Or perhaps youll see a scope that reminds you of the ones you have. Go to furniture showscopes and shops that wholesale silky furnishings and see what is out there. If you are interested in antiques, inhibit out the antique shops and used furnitureconsignment seats.

Youve done the preliminary work so you are organize to go to the next tread. evoke that nothing is stamped in pelt. If you resolve on a flush plan and on your first shopping tumble decrease in fondness with something that doesnt bout, take a pressing breath and reconsider. You can forever adjust the plan. However, once the first main purchase is made flush cdroopes are classy.

Part II of this sequence will help you chose a flush palette which will work well for your living liberty, lifestyle and special test.